An eccentric, maverick, non-conformist, irreverent rebel, striving hard to make peace with self and the outside world. Brutally honest, candid, forthright and blunt. This blog is the potpourri of my thoughts, reflections, critiques, random musings on anything interesting, irritating, delightful or disturbing.


3 Responses to About

  1. Blink says:

    Its an honour following your blog. i read your articles on press tv mashLLAH you are an ace when it comes to journalism. even i aspire to become one eminent journalist some day .. lets see when ..you are one among those who i look upto when it comes to pure journalism

    • Zafar Mehdi says:

      Thanks for your kind words. Future belongs to budding journalists like you. Make it count.


      • Blink says:

        trying my level best to make myself prominent everywhere with my power of pen.
        if you dont mind i need some help from you ..
        there’s this competition going on where we are suppoed to write an essay on ‘International standards ensure positive change’
        can you guide me the way i can attempt the topic ..ill for sure do the writing part myself ..
        you being a senior journalist i just need few guidelines what all am i supppoed to include in the content ..
        only if you are willing to help

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