Cyber crime on rise

Syed Zafar Mehdi

It is official: cyber crime is on rise. The e-criminals are adopting new means and methods to target both individuals as well as the corporate sector. Guarding and protecting the cyber arena is the biggest and immediate challenge the IT gurus are faced with. Government is also stepping up the ante, to address the growing threat of cyber crime in country.

Hi-tech crime on up

“Cyber crime has been on the rise, no doubt. Online criminal activity of nearly every variety has been surging of late,” says Amit Nath of Trend Micro. He feels it is fueled in large part by an increase in software security flaws and in the number of home computers being used against their owners’ wishes to distribute spam, spyware and viruses.

The challenges are only increased by the globalisation of cyber-crime, feels Deepak Kaistha, Planman. “Because developing countries have fewer laws addressing cyber-crime and few law-enforcement resources to spare for fighting it, species of cyber-criminals operating from within such countries are less likely to be prosecuted than those operating in wealthier, technology-savvy countries,” says Kaistha.

Combating the crime

Preventing the crime is one big challenge, feel experts. But the other challenge which the companies and the government face today goes beyond just the crime. With technology changing every second and easy internet accessibility, there is a definite need for effective technology and skilled manpower to counter the threat.

“Combating cyber-crime has become increasingly challenging for law-enforcement agencies everywhere, so individuals and organisations and Human Resource professionals in particular, must continue to take steps to protect themselves and the data they collect,” says Kaistha.

Government steps up the ante

In a bid to counter the menace of cyber-crime, government has decided to set up Cyber Crime Cells (CCC), which will be set up by the State Police and Central Bureau of Investigation (CBI). These cells would investigate cases of cyber crime and help respective organizations in implementation of laws regarding cyber crime, say sources.

In addition, the government has also evolved an integrated approach with a series of legal, technical and administrative steps to ensure necessary systems are in place to address the threat effectively. “Setting up of CCC is certainly an important step towards curbing cyber crime,” says Nath.

Even private corporates have already started appointing IT security officers or Chief Security Officers (CSO).

Job avenues

All these developments are opening a new space altogether for the IT professionals across sector. Like the software or BPO space, the IT security space is going to offer a huge job opportunity in India. “The IT industry, being a knowledge-based sector, requires a workforce that is highly competent. With growing demand for Indian IT professionals overseas and with multinational IT companies establishing their offices in India, retention becomes very difficult,” says Kaistha.

“The IT infrastructure development in both government and private sector is opening up new opportunities for technically skilled resources. Like the software and BPO space, IT security will be another hot segment, which will offer huge job opportunity in India,” says Nath.

(First published in Hindustan Times)


Food Review: Savour the best of Rajasthani food

Syed Zafar Mehdi

Everything of this desert province is seeped in traditions, including food, which has inspired many a legends. The mere mention of Rajasthani food is capable of sending our taste buds into a tizzy. Nowadays, the buzz doing the rounds is the month-long Rajasthani food festival, going on at Chutney, the contemporary Indian restaurant at The Metropolitan Hotel.

The month long festival that started on February 15 brings you the delicacies straight from the kitchens of the Rajputs and the Marwaris. And going by the rush of foodies into the restaurant, the festival sure seems to be a great success. Students, businessmen, gourmands, celebrities, and housewives. Rajasthan conjures up the images of vibrant colours, rich culture, and historic folklore and to top it all, a robust cuisine. It is the land where tradition meets the contemporary in style, and where the taste buds never complain.

You have wide variety to choose from at the festival. The quality of the  cuisines on offer is remarkable. To have your fill, go in with an empty stomach. Savour dishes like the popular Safed Murgh, chicken morsels in a delicious gravy, Jaisamandi Macchi, fresh water fish cooked in a rich Mewari style, yogurt sauce or Laal Mans, a special Rajasthani lamb preparation.

For the vegetarians, the Mewari Kadhi, Papad Pakodi ki Subji and Ker Sangri, local vegetables cooked with pickle are a must have. Wrap up the meal with the Moong Dal ka Halwa, lentils sautéed with dry fruits in desi ghee — to complete the experience.